A Tribute to Superman Figures

As we all know, Superman is a fictional character created by DC comics. As the comic books featuring Superman got attention and became a sensation worldwide, lots of Superman themed items were started to become available for purchase. Action figures targeting children were sold all around the world. First action figures had an image of Superman as a non-muscular standard type of a man. His costume is not shiny and doesn’t get too much of an attention. The main focus of the figure is his cloak and the fact that he is “Superman”.

il_570xN.450307430_jleeAs time passed and masculinity shown by physical appearance became a trend in popular culture, Superman action figures also followed this trend. Toys mostly targeting boys became much more muscled and got a much more aggressive facial expression. Little boys always dream of becoming super heroes and want everything about them to be similar to super heroes. By changing the way Superman appears in action figures, toy companies change the character boys want to become in an indirect way. Little boys can easily think that being aggressive is cool because it is how Superman looks. Is it ok for the toy companies and big cooperations to play this big of role on how children grows?



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