Canım Ailem ‘My Lovely Family’


Canım Ailem (My Lovely Family) is a TV series published between 2008 2009. The story is about an poor uncle and his 3 orphan nephews. The main character Samim work as a cruise ship cook in his whole life, he never needs to take responsibilities for another person in his life just take care of himself. One day his wealthy sister and her husband died in a car accident, from now on he needs to take care with his 3 school kid nephews but he has no money. The story is about Samim and his nephews life struggles and their relationships with their neighbors Meliha and her sisters.  When we consider Guven’s theory, this series reinforces her arguments. Samim and his family have big livelihood problems, earning money for 4 people is very hard thing for middle aged Samim. However just like the Guvens arguments Samim’s family is representing the middle classes happiness despite the all struggles. In the series they create them a little and joyful life. Their priority is not money, their first priority is being together and maintain their warm family structure.

Moreover when  we turn to Guvens argument about wealth people is less happier than the middle class people in tv, we can give these children’s aunt (from the father family) as an example. Aunt Sehnaz is a wealthy widow and her only purpose is to fall apart the Mertcan (the smallest nephew) from his family and take him in her house. The Sehnaz character is never smiling and always arguing with uncle Samim for Mertcan. From episode to episode she tries to convince Mertcan with expensive gifts, but Mertcan never wants to leave. In Guvens framework Sehnaz perfectly fits that stereotype, she is always unhappy and in discomfort. She always suffer from her loneliness and according to him living with Mertcan is only solution for her. Finally Canım Ailem tv series is representing the aspect of Guvens arguments, moreover the Samim’s family depicted the traditional practices of Turkish middle class family successfully.


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