Unhappy lower class family: Yaprak Dökümü

In today’s world media has a significant impact on people.It consists different programs which include marriage,divorce,family,violence,jobs,school. So people can find something from their lives on these kinds of programs and they equate themselves with characters which are on this movies.Also people who wonder other people’s life can learn their lifestyles from media especially from prime-time series.Uğur Zeynep Güven who is the author of Social Class and Family On Screen: Do Prime-Time Television Series ”Create” Images Of Family In Turkey? says that upper class families are shown as unhappy whereas, lower class families seem to be more connected and happy. This idea is disproved by one of the Turkish Tv movies which is Yaprak Dökümü. In this movie there is a big family which include 6 people. They are lower class people, the father of the family is retired and the mother is tailor so they have a financial trouble. The second daughter of the family pass the university exam and they came to İstanbul from small city.When they came to İstanbul their life was changed negatively because keeping up people who live in a big city is not easy for them. The son of the family started working in a bank and he knows that he was not pleasure his life standard because ever day he sees tones of money and rich people in the bank but he just earns a small amount of money. Indeed the second daughter of the family feels herself like a loser because she could not pass the university exam so she has not got a job or own money. She always dreams to get marry with a rich man. The other character who is mother of family is a weak person and she always lies her husband about her condition also the father is quite and disciplined person. And One day the son was robbed the bank, second daughter was married with a rich man but her husband cheat her and they got divorced. And she got into depression. Also first daughter leaved the school and never tell her family. Finally father of the familly can not stand all of the incidents and he had a heart attack then he died. So this classical Turkish movie must be include happy and connected lower class people but It can be easily seen that this lower class family disprove Güven’s idea.


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