“Küçük Sırlar”

Kucuk Sırlar, the Turkish version of Gossip Girl, was one of the most popular television series in Turkey, a few year ago. As it represents the lives of some individuals and the families belonging to upper-class, the show is a good example for referring to Ugur Zeynep Guven’s article, “Social Class And Family On Screen: Do Prime Time Television Series Create Images Of Family in Turkey?”. The tv progremme focuses on the lives of some families which are extremely rich, living in expensive mansions, having servants and many luxury goods. These upper-class families that seem happy at first sight actually have problematic lives. For example, all the teenager characters have some big issues with their friends, one betrays another or they set traps for each other in order to take revenge and nearly all of them lie. Most of the parents are divorced, some of their children use drugs, some of them go into jail. Moreover one of the characters is married to his daughter’s boyfriend’s mother which is something completely unacceptable for Turkish society. For that reason, this show refers to what Guven talks about in her article: upper-class families are unhappy in Turkish television series, even if they seem happy with their luxurious lives.


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