Adını Feriha Koydum


This week our topic is family and social class in tv series. I decided to write something about a turkish tv series called Adını Feriha Koydum because there are really good examples about social class, family types such as upper class family and lower class family.

In this tv series, there is a poor girl (feriha) and a rich boy (emir). Emir has everything that he needs, He lives in a really good house, he has a last model sport car. Feriha lives in a slum. Feriha and Emir study in the same university and after a while they started to being in love but Feriha could not say everything about her life, about her family. This situation often occurs in turkish society. In turkish tv series, poor guy or poor girl always don’t want to being poor and they can not accept this situation that’s why they prefer to say lie.

In Turkish society there is not a middle class family type. It is also same as in tv series.The most common thing is both upper and lower class family. When we look at the most common tv series and tv shows in turkey, it is clear that this situation exist almost all types of tv shows.

Another thing is impossible love. In Adını Feriha Koydum, there is also a impossible love. For example Hande also loves emir.Hande is also a rich girl.She studies in a same university with Emir and Feriha and she is more pretty than Feriha but Emir loves Feriha because there should be a impossible love in a tv series in turkey.



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