Gunesi Beklerken


Ugur Zeynep Guven discusses how family and social class is portrayed in Turkish television.  She emphasises that upper class families are depicted as unhappy people and lower class families are portrayed as more connected and happy people. One of the examples of this cliche can be seen in one of the ongoing TV series in Turkish television which is called Gunesi Beklerken. In this series there is a really rich family called Sayer’s. They have a luxurious life. There is the teenage boy of the family called Kerem who has everything he wants. He has a great car, astonishing mansion and his family earns the school he goes to so he is also able to be the king of the school. His family gets him out of all the troubles he actually purposely creates. He is a troubled kid and this is caused by his unhappy family life. His father is a depressed guy who does not leave his room because of the death of his older son. His mother is at work all the time, they do not even spend dinners or breakfasts together. Kerem is portrayed as a lonely spoiled boy who is ignored by his parents. In the other hand there is a girl called Zeynep in his school whose father is not known. She is raised by her single mother and they are portrayed as a working class family. Even they had an unfortunate life Zeynep and her mother are bonded so intimately. They are happy even they do not have really good standards. Throughout the show the contrast between Kerem’s and Zeynep’s families is constantly displayed. And the idea of upper class being more unhappy gets repeated all the time.


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