Being Happy Without Money


The media industry in Turkey generally uses the TV shows, which are constructed on dramas, to represent the family models that are claimed by Uğur Zeynep Güven. The reason for that could be because of the fact that we as Turkish people love to watch dramas and compare it with our lives and we are more easily affected by these TV shows in this way.  However, when we change our perspective and look in opposite way, we realize that the comedy series can actually continue this attitude. My example for this topic is “Cennet Mahallesi”,the TV show including a place full of dance, music and love and generally focusing on two lovers cannot come together because of the permission of the mother which is one of main character of TV show and the funny happening following one after allowing. The families live in suburb part of Istanbul. How much they are economically broken, they always find a way to be always happy. Almost in every episode, some day-life problems occurs and are solved at the end. So, this does not affect their lives. They continue to be happy. This creates a situation of family model in which families in working-class have simpler life and does not have deal with serious problems.


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