A Big Happy Family : Aramızda Kalsın



“Aramızda Kalsın” is a Turkish prime-time television show. The show’s main idea is about relationships between the individuals of a big family and funny events that are occurred in that family. This show reflects a middle class family, where father is the one who financially supports the family and mother is the one who takes care of the house and children. This kind of family is an example of Uğur Zeynep Güven’s “breadwinner-homemaker family” which she mentions in her article called “Social Class and Family On Screen: Do Prime-Time Television Series ‘Create’ Images of Family in Turkey?”. In “Aramızda Kalsın”, the family of eleven members live in one house and earn their living from a kebab restaurant which is owned by the family. Even though this family has money problems, they always manage a way to solve their problems as a family and the episode finishes with a happy ending. This show reinforces the idea which mentioned in Güven’s article about how middle class families are happier than upper class families even if they have economic problems. Also, the show reinforces the characteristics of a regular Turkish family. In Turkish culture families are more important than individuality and people are tend to live in big families.  




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