Mother-in-law vs. Daughter-in-law


There is a new TV show released recently called Mother-in-law vs. Daughter-in-law. A man, his mother and his wife competes with other men,mothers and wives. The questions are provocative ones, make mother and wife come out against each other.  For example, the announcer asks: “If a fire breaks out your home, would the man save his mother or his wife?” The mother says:” He will of course save me, I am his mother, I raised him for years and now he cannot leave me in the middle of fires and save someone he just met.” Then wife answers: “Of course he will save ME, I am his life partner and the mother of his children. His mother is old now and, to be realistic, she will die at most in 10 years but I will stand by his side for years. So he should save me because I am his real family now.” Consequently, the fighting begins. Their debate lasts for up to 30 minutes. Then the announcer decides to ask the question to the man. The man tries to stay in the middle but at the end he chooses either his mother or his wife. Whom he chooses starts to make fun of the other and the other one starts to cry.

Those are people from middle or working class. This representation creates the image that in Turkey all the mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws are at a war. That  are restless, always compare each other and there is no peace at home. However there is a great difference between the show and the reality. In reality, no man is left to make this decision. People act when they are on TV and this creates a false image about the family structure in Turkey.


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