In the article named “Social Class and Family on Screen: Do Prime-Time Television Series “Create” Images of Family in Turkey?” Uğur Zeynep Güven claims that television, especially prime-time TV series play an important role in creating an image of different family types, in terms of social and economic class. The main theme in prime-time TV serials is that money does not bring happiness. These serials generally focus on either upper-class families and show how they have problematic family lives, how they struggle with impossible love, hatred, betrayal, revenge and that they are indeed unhappy even though they live gracious a life; or they focus on lower-class families where they have many economic difficulties, struggle many different problems, suffer from illnesses, but have good family relationships and are indeed happy with the lives they are having. However, these are general scenarios, there could be sometimes some exceptions that show the opposite.

Nowadays, there is a TV serial called “Medcezir”, which displays the lives of several rich families. There is a couple, Ender and Selim, and they have a son called Mert. Ender is a daughter of a very rich man, and even though her father comes against it, she marries a guy, Selim, who is coming from lower-class family but is a very successful lawyer today. They are still loving each other, have a successful marriage, they are loyal partners and great parents to their son. Even though they are rich and are able to get everything they wish, they live modestly and care more about their family life and try to help people who need. On the other hand, a family who lives the next door to them has different lifestyle-which corresponds to Güven’s ideas of upper-class family type. This time we see the opposite case, where a rich man, Faruk, married a barehanded but beautiful girl called Sude. Now they have two daughters, Mira and Beren, and live a luxurious lifestyle, but they have bad relationships and unhappy family life. Firstly, Faruk and Sude are a couple who is always arguing, because there is no end of Sude’s desires, she loves to be in the center of attention and spend money, magnificence is more important than her family. When in one episode Faruk totters on the verge of bankruptcy , Sude renounces him; then, when things get better, she returns to him, but this time he cheates on her, and they finally get divorced. They show the example of irresponsible parents and an unhappy family type.

I think that this TV serial is a good evidence for some of Güven’s ideas. While second family reinforces familiar stereotypes concerning TV families and social class, the first family is an example that challenges her ideas and show that rich people can also have happy family and can place value on spirituality and other values more than on the money they have.header


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