How is it effective?

I want to give example of ”Gelinim Olur musun” which is reality show, published in 2004. This show give opportunity both men and women to marry with each other.However, there is a problem (mother-in-love and bridge are living the same house but the men are living different house). In sometimes and somedays the men and women are meeting with eachother. The mother- in-love has big power to direct her son because the mother is following and critizing her bridge candidate.

If we interpret this show, it is totally reflecting Turkish traditions. Whenever someone falls in love or decides to marriage, groom’S mother always makes a fuus. Also in the Turkish society there is a well-known fact that groom’s mother have a big arbiter for her son.

In my opinion, this kind of show affecting our society negatively. There are some facts for instance men are more powerful than women also their family are shown more influential than women’s family. In as much as, both men and women have same equal . However, in this show men have opportunity to make decision  and women just a tool to direct programme. Additionally, at the east part of Turkey , people can interpret this situation in a harmful way because there are lots of tradition family type and many people are living together just at the same house. Therefore these kind of shows are not produced in a positive way.


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