Gelinim Olur Musun? – Semra Kaynana

Turkish Reality TV is not as it is in American society but shows like Gelinim Olur Musun? were more liked than the others (Fear Factor, Alaturkastar etc…). The show Gelinim Olur Musun? was based on the American reality show The Bachelor/Bachelorette. In this show, we have grooms with their mothers and brides that live with the mothers. The video that is attached to this post, shows the most hated (naturally most liked to watch) mother, Semra and her possibly bride Sinem fighting over Sinem’s decency.

In Turkish culture, a woman should only be able to have a committed relationship with a man and meanwhile cannot be seen with another man. Sinem had been seen with another groom other than Semra’s son Ata, and Semra is angry with her telling Turkish people not to vote for her because she is a cheater. In this fight, we can see some deep cultural effects such as Semra yelling at Turkey as: “if you think that she is a decent girl, not a liar, cheater then vote for her and she’ll be the winner. I can’t do this anymore.” Because she uses these words and tone, it shows that everyone has the same idea as her and she manipulates people.


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