Are Soap Operas innocent?

The author Terri Toles Patkin criticised some issues about reality shows and their negative impacts on people in her article Individual and Cultural Identity in the World of Reality Television. Tv shows, soap operas even cartoons have a significant impact on people. They create a fake scenario with including happy lives,tones of money,expensive cars, beautiful women to have people believe themselves. And some people who do not have money,beauty,happiness vs.feel themselves depressive. Although people know that tv series include fake lives they still can not stop their negative effects on them. Patkin says that reality tv is one way we construct our identities(13).It is true because for me in today’s society people imitate other people and do what they do, such as imitating styles, talking in the same way , going to same places so they easily tend to imitate. Furthermore,copying people and doing what they do, force to think in the same way vs. shapes our identities negatively.Firstly we have to think that all people have different looking and properties so copying someone or being like him/her is not appropriate for us because at that time we are unfair for our existence.So reality have a same role which force people to construct their identities positively or negatively, generally negatively. The reason of negative impression is people wonder that what is interesting than their life or what are the differences that they do not have like money,job status, cars,clothes,beauty.

Indeed, Patkin says that reality tv creates a ”false sense of community”(13).It is true, because the aim of tv shows is to create different and unusual scenario and influence people then make money. So they need to exaggerated lives which normal people do not have and then they will be great and awesome on people’s mind.Now, I want to give an example of exaggerated life of a group of high school students which is Küçük Sırlar. It was published in 2010 and that time it became famous in teenager groups. In this soup opera high school girls wear mini skirt and high heels which is abnormal in usual and they came to school with make up and expensive bags(chanel,dior,vs.). In the series audience did not watch them while they studying or listening their lessons.They all shopping, gossiping, and flirting. Also they are all rich. So this soap opera is one of the example of false sense of community because for normal standard high school teenage wearing chanel bag,high heels are not normal.Normally they have to study their lessons instead of using all their times with flirting classmates.So teenagers who watch this soap opera feel themselves loser and want to imitate what they wear,buy or where they go. So this situation cause negatively change in their identities .So we can understand with this example that reality shows construct our identities in negative way and create false sense of community.


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