Yemekteyiz is a popular television show, shown in Turkey. The show has five contestants which are competing against each other by inviting the others to a dinner. Each competitor gives points to the host out of 10 and at the end, the winner gets 10.000 liras. As the director of Show Tv, Caner Erdem says that the majority of the turkish society watch this show because it reflects the reality, it can be said that this show represents directly the turkish culture.

First of all, the foods cooked by the hosts in general belong to the turkish cuisine: “mantı”, “kebab”, imambayıldı” etc. During the show, hosts also present some small shows such as singing and dancing in order to please their guests and to get points from their competitors. These shows also represent the turkish culture because they are composed of traditional dances like “halay” or traditional turkish music. Moreover, the way that the hosts show their hospitality is really typical and verifies the rumor which claims that the turkish people are hospitable. An other example is that while the contestants are gathering around the table, they eat and talk “loudly” with each other at the same time which is known as a common feature of turkish people. As there are five contestants each week, we see that in general, there are three women and two men participating to the show, it means that women are more pervasive in terms of numbers. This is also something which demonstrates the reality in turkish society: women are responsible for knowing how to cook as if it is their duty but men are not.

So, we can say that this television programme gives the audience an opportunity to be acknowledged about the turkish culture.


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