Does the Darkness Hide the Shame

photo1Since I am not from Turkey, I preferred to write about the reality shows running in the places where I am coming from. There was a reality TV program on Serbian channel, called “Alone in the Darkness”. It was about a group of single girls and another group of single boys who applied to the program in order to find a partner. However the program had different structure from the other dating programs; it aimed to show that external appearance is not important and that people can more easily like each other by just talking, or even having physical contact, but without seeing. Every week a couple, a random chosen girl and a boy chosen in the same way, were placed in the dark room, where actually there was a camera and microphones in order to record their actions. The individuals were not acknowledging each other. They had to stay in that room and meet each other without seeing, however talking and touching was allowed. The aim of the program may seem innocent at first sight, but things were getting destructive after a while. Even though the program was screened in the late evening and was not appropriate for spectators under the age of 18, it was giving negative role models and was promoting the youth and the culture of the country as very relaxed, shameless, and immoral. That is because the participants sometimes lose their control and forget that what they are doing is seen (even though the room was dark, you are able to see them on the screen) and heard by thousands of people in front of their TVs, so they sometimes make some conversations which are inappropriate to be heard on TV, make physical contact, or even have sex. From my perspective, displaying that much intimacy on TV is not acceptable and has many negative effects on the society, because it destroys the cultural norms and trivializes the morality.


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