survivor-türkiye-logoSurvivor is the worldwide known very famous reality show, which has been on tv’s since 1998 around the world. The program me takes several contestants and puts them into an isolated island. Throughout the show, contestants participate in competitions for prizes or elimination games, trying to get to the final to win the big prize. The conditions in the island are very though, they have limited source of food, clothes and shelter. Like these are not enough they are put in energy consuming, patience demanding competitions which makes their situation even worse, also there is the oppression of the fear of being eliminated. In these conditions the contestants are getting more and more aggressive, offensive and lose their sense of toleration. Then of course arguments occur, which turn into fights sometimes. This is just what a show needs for ratings of course. Angry people, acting in exaggerated behaviors, talking from behind, doing tactics over other contestants, being two-faced and hippocratic, turning senseless and egoistic as time goes on at the show.. They become bombs ready to explode in any little pressure or stress.

Every countries ‘Survivor’ has different characteristics of course since contestants are from different cultures and ethnicities. Some have more love and explicit content, some have more fights and aggressiveness. In Turkish versions, love or this kind of relations are not seen, however; fights, shouting people etc. are seen often. This shows a side of Turkish characteristics such that Turkish people are aggressive, ready to get in an argument, egoistic and careless, also that men see themselves superior as they always try to eliminate women because they think that they have no ability in the competitions, and they like to compete against other men.

On the other hand I want to discuss if this ‘Reality shows’ present the reality.. I think not just like T. T. Patkin. She claims that these shows are not unscripted, there are some parts of the shows which are played by the contestants  in the way the producers want. Also there is the fact that these shows are edited to fit in the description of  sources of  ratings and tv constrictions.

All these things make the people get out of their real personalities, also scripts and editing causes these shows to be no different then other shows on tv which have no reality in them. So as you are watching one of these ‘Reality shows’, think again, does it represent the real faces of that people and that culture ? Does a ‘Reality show’ represent any kind of ‘reality’ ?


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