Will you be my bride?

Several years ago there was a reality show called “Will you be my bride?” that took a lot attention in Turkey. It was a show like “Big Brother”,  contestans were put in a house and they remained there till they lose the competiton. Their lives were recorded with cameras all they long. It was different than other reality shows in the way that there were guys and their mothers and also single girls. Male contestans were in the position of choosing a girl and getting married at the end of the reality show. The couple who won earned some remarkable price.What was so strange about this show was the position of the mothers. It seemed like mothers were there to give their sons advices about the brides but the reality was mothers finding the bride they like themselves and forcing their sons to obey. Brides were in the competiton to please the boys and the mothers were in the competiton for “almost torturing” the brides. There was a constant fight going on during the show between some brides and mothers because of the fact that they were both trying to manipulate the boys in some ways. The show seemed like reflecting Turkish culture in the way that representing the importance of respecting parents and caring about their opinions but actually it showed Turkish boys as mindless puppies who were not able to make a decision about obeying their mothers or choosing the girls they want. Also mother in loves were represented as devils who were forcing girls to act as slaves to please themselves. This representation of Turkish culture was manipulated in order to entertain the audience, because without fights or schemes the show would not get that much ratings. But the show was so harmful in the way that it affected the audience about the relationships between mother-in-laws and brides and also olso the actual contestants. After the show finished one of the boys who was left in between his mother and the girl he loves, became addicted to drugs and lost his life in several months. The show was a great example for how reality shows can manipulate people and shape the idea of culture in a harmful way.


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