The Most “Manly” Man Ever…

Two men… Fighting against each other… For their life… “Oh my god, that’s so manly” screamed a girl when this part of the movie “Troy” came to the screen. What makes this scene so manly? Their nudity? Hypermasculanity? Brave? Sacrificing their life for what they believe? I guess all of the above reinforce the stereotypical man image. Kimmel states that men always try to be more manly to avoid that other men laugh at them as if when others laugh, they become less man. Also Nietzsche has a quote which emphasizes Kimmel’s idea “If you want to see a man suffer, do not torture him, make fun of him.” Now in this clip, we can see that even 3000 years before, this image was standing. Achilles and Boagrius scream at each other, showing their muscles to frighten the other. After the fight, when Achilles kills Boagrius, we can see that other soldiers are afraid of Achilles because he has beaten the “strongest” of those soldiers. Another thing that gets my attention is Achilles reinforces the clichéd man image by the means of sexuality. In the video, we can see that he sleeps with not only one woman but two. Capable of sleeping with two women makes him even more manly. All the factors that emphasize the hypermasculanity are actually hurting the real world man. In real life, men who are effected by those hypermasculanity images force themselves to be more like them and when they fail, they feel inadequacy. Therefore they always struggle in the ocean of misery.


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