Friends is a TV show that is about relationships between a group of six people; three female and three male characters. These three main male characters whose name are Ross, Chandler and Joey, don’t show the features of masculinity which Michael Kimmel defines in his article called “Masculinity as Homophobia”. According to Kimmel, the qualities of a hypermasculine man are not showing your emotions to another, having willingness to fight, showing sexual interest towards women and having power over other men. For example, Ross is a very emotional guy, he is not hiding his feelings towards women and also he is able to cry in front of people. The other character called Chandler is a shy man when it comes to meet with women. Also both of these characters-Ross and Chandler-are afraid to get into a fight. In season 2 episode 21, there is an example of Ross and Chandler who agree not to go to their usual coffee house to not to get interfere with the other more superior men. These two more superior men were bullying Ross and Chandler to leave their seats and the coffee house and because Ross and Chandler are not willing to fight and afraid to fight they listened to them.

On the other hand, Joey is more of a lady man. He has no problem with interacting with women and he is braver than the other two characters when it comes to violence. But he doesn’t have a typical hypermasculine body. Also he is a very lazy man and he is not very intellectual.

Therefore, in Friends TV show, the three main male characters don’t reinforce the stereotypes about hypermasculine man. On the contrary, it supports the idea which indicates that even if a man is not afraid of showing his feelings or doesn’t use violence to solve his problems, he is not less of a man than any other.

boys-the-boys-21-21-187752_500_375 ross-joey-et-chandler-le-trio-de-cho


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