In the TV series called “Bones”, the leading male role, Seeley Booth, is an FBI agent. The characteristics of Booth both reinforces the Michael Kimmel’s definition about masculinity and differs it in some other ways. One of Seeley Booth’s personalities which reinforce Kimmel’s ideas is his power over other man which he gained by his both physical strength and his job in FBI. He is not afraid to use violence during the show but because he is a man of law, he is also capable of controlling his anger. Another fact about this character is he has an athletic body type which is a stereotype of manhood according to Kimmel. Also he is not shy about using his sex appeal towards women.

On the other hand, the leading character of “Bones”, Seeley Booth, has features that differs from Kimmel’s definition of masculinity. He is a family man and committed to his wife. Mostly, he is not afraid of showing his emotions to his wife, Temperance Brennan. In the show, Booth and his wife Brennan work together to solve crimes and all the time Booth is the one who acts on his guts and Brennan is the one who follows the logic. This also shows us that this character is not afraid of sharing his feelings.

The character of “Seeley Booth” states that manhood can’t be measured by the facts Kimmel indicates in his article. A man should be capable of sharing his emotions and feel powerful at the same time.



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