Welcome to the Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club (2013) is an American movie which tells us the story of a real-life patient, electrician Ron Woodroof, who had been infected with AIDS and been given 30 days to live in 1985 Dallas, Texas. After being diagnosed, his friends start making fun of him and his boss fires him. The current circumstances may suggest that nothing is wrong  with being AIDS but  at that time scientific community mistakenly thought that AIDS was carried by homosexual people. Even some religious people thought that this was God’s way of punishment for gay men. Although Ron was known for spending lots of money on prostitutes, his friends considered him as homosexual and insulted him for being a “faggot” because of those circumstances. Also in the process, a pharmaceutical company was experimenting with a new drug called AZT which can be delivered to selected patients. Ron couldn’t get his hands on the drug and tries to find drugs and pills to get better. In the process he meets a transgender man named Rayon who suffers from the same disease.

At their first encounter, Ron swears and makes offensive gestures to the transgender man who was just kindly asking Ron to play cards with him. Similarly his friends were feeling the same hatred and disgust about the homosexual men, because they were the cowboys of Dallas who could make the most aggressive bulls obey, who would eat wings, drink beer and f*ck women whenever they can. What is the source of this hatred? Why would real man(!) criticize homosexuals for not being man enough? If you are proud of having a man’s body and manly features, you shouldn’t be offended by gay men because logically no rich men would get angry at poor people for not having enough money. As Michael Kimmel states in “Masculinity as Homophobia” the fear of other men or homosexuals stems from the fear of emasculation by other men who could reveal the true emotional, feminine character that have been hiding in the attic. Fear of being exposed to the awful truth reveals itself as aggressiveness and hatred towards homosexual community. The milieu of the Dallas Buyers Club movie provided a real solid example for Kimmel’s thesis,”fear of emasculation by other men”, and actors Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto won the 2014 Academy awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Actor in a Support Leading Role respectively for their performances. As of 2014, marriage of gay couples are still being discussed in the most developed countries and majority of men’s community still feels terrified of homosexual people. So since 1985, did the mentality of being exposed by other men stay the same or as men, are we progressing slowly to get over the abrupt definition of homosexuality?


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