At this week our subject is masculinity. I prefer to describe this term with using a really good example, a tv series which i really liked. ” Modern Family”

In Modern Family, There are some main characters. First character is Jay Prichett. Jay is the oldest character of the series. He has two children;Julie and Michell. The main reason of why i started to describe him is he has a gay child. First time that he learned this situation he could not accept because he thought that gay people isn’t a ”Real Man” just because of their choice. After that he noticed it is not a big problem and he loves his child. Moreover; he carries almost all qualities that a real man should have. He is a father of a family. He is ernest. There is a incompatibility between him and his children; Mitchell Prichett.

Second character that i want to describe is Mitchell Prichett. Mitchell. Mitchell is the gay boy of the family. First he jugged by his father just because of his choice. He is almost opposite of his father.He don’t like talk about soccer or cars, he don’t talk much about sex. And also he married with another gay person.

When you compare these characters, and think the tv series without watching it, you will probably think that this series is really discriminating.But after you started to watch, you will realize that masculinity, real man or something like these terms aren not really important. That’s why i chose Modern family to my topic this week.


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