Ideal Superheros


Even though I am a huge fan of Marvel Comics and films related to it, it is obvious that the characters of Marvel especially the famous ones are member of a group includes stereotypically ideal male characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Spider Man, members of X-Men like Wolverine andhere are supposed to have power and little bit aggression. They are respected by everyone because they have amazing powers and does what they do with these super-powers for the sake of doing whats right. In this way, they easily become idol men for anyone with hegemonic and hyper masculine features. However, when we consider them carefully, it seems like that their general features are kind of being male-dominated, white, straight characters. This situation reinforces the masculinity as culturally excepted. I personally think that Marvel should push the boundaries of what superheroes can look like. In recent years, some examples about this innovation start to show up in comics. In X-Men we saw their first gay marriage and some tackling civil rights including gay, lesbian and transgender issues. It is really an improvement but only in comics. There is need some time to see this kind of works in marvel movies.


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