c91297360b04d65994ed7bdbc7914359‘Homophobia’, what do you think this word means ? Normally in society it is known as ‘mens fear of homosexual men’. However; it’s actual meaning is not this. As in Kimmel’s text “Masculinity as Homophobia”, it means ‘mens fear of other men(homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual)’. Explained as being shown as not man enough by other man, being humiliated or laughed at, so it is the fear of not seen as man enough. Also it is not only men who judge man and decide this, women are also involved. A man is being policed by other man and woman in his life all the time, judged by his actions, clothes, appearances.. Who creates the definition of a ‘Real Man’ though.. It is just a definition created hundreds of years ago by which men were stronger and successful, these men’s qualifications were selected to be Real man’s features. But it is changing and the definition is being widened as more man can be considered as ‘real man’. Think about the color pink, it is generally associated with women and seen as a ‘girls color’. In past decades men who wore pink were giving the message that they had femininity in them. Homosexuals and feminine guys preferred and liked wearing pink. But with men designers in fashion sector, it was changed. Pink became the color of confident and fun men. It took courage to wear it, and it was a slow process because of the judgmental attitudes, but brave men continued and made this happen. ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ was born, pink was the color of self-confidence, and showed a fun characteristic, a colorful character which knew how to have fun.


Also I believe that it is a sign of not having ‘homophobia’ at all. It is seen that men who have homophobia always try to show themselves superior and try to show that they have all the properties a ‘real man’ should have,they always wear colorless clothes and they exaggerate their masculinity. It is only because they fear they have a feminine side in them, and they are scared that some day it would be revealed. But a man who is not homophobic at all doesn’t care what other man say, he knows himself, that he is a man with no feminine side, he does not hold himself back from showing emotions or caring. He is confident, and doesn’t follow common fashion, he selects what he likes what he thinks is cool.. I think that the man who we see as very masculine or behave that way have homophobia, a fear which is not in the description of a ‘real man’. The real man has self-confidence, and cares about other people, have a nice attitude towards women and gentle to man, not afraid of showing emotions and being real, not being fake to be seen as a ‘real man’.

Here are some famous man who are not afraid of ‘pink’hF4FCA891When you see a guy wearing pink, think, it is highly possible that you saw a ‘Real Man’.MİX


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