Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a comedy film released in 2010. The main storyline of the film follows the events that occur due to the title character falling in love with Ramona Flowers, a girl who recently moved to town. On a quest to win her affections, Scott Pilgrim has to confront each of her seven evil exes and win the fight against them. Sounds quite masculine, right?

The truth is, no. Even at first glance, the character of Scott Pilgrim lacks the appearance of masculinity. That is because he lacks all the most common characteristics, such as, but not limited to, visible muscle, a thick beard, ample height and a chiselled jawline. He does not appear any manlier when he speaks; he has got quite a high pitched and feminine voice. Moreover, he shares a house with a gay man whom he never seems to have a problem with. On top of all of this, throughout the film, he does not hide his feelings, especially when he is afraid, ashamed or anxious. This subverts Michael S. Kimmel’s claim where he writes “Fear makes us ashamed, because the recognition of fear in ourselves is proof to ourselves that we are not as manly as we pretend, that we are, like the young man in a poem by Yeats, ‘one that ruffles in a manly pose for all his timid heart.’” Basically, Scott Pilgrim so far appears to be the complete opposite of the masculine man as Kimmel defines it.

However, there is one significant thing to consider before reaching a verdict about Scott Pilgrim’s masculinity. On the topic of violence, Kimmel defends “Violence is often the single most evident marker of manhood. Rather it is the willingness to fight, the desire to fight.” Throughout the film, the audience witnesses Scott Pilgrim’s fight with Ramona Flowers’ seven evil exes. Even though as mentioned earlier, Scott does not hesitate to show his fear, he does fight the exes in order to complete his quest. This shows that even though he has no apparent physical masculine traits, as a character he is not completely feminised.


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