Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase


We met with Johnny Chase character in the famous tv series Entourage, as main characters brother. His little brother Vincent Chase is a famous Hollywood star in LA. Vince has a successful carrier as an actor however his brother ‘Drama’ is also a actor but his career status and success quite low according to his brother.  Johnny and his brother Vince living together, Vince is sponsor of his brother and his friends. The money supplier of the group is Vince in other words, a big supplier.. However when we turn to our character ‘Drama’ we can easily see he is out from the typical masculine framework of pop culture. When we examine the Drama character first fact which is we instantly see is his emotionless and this is also the source of his nickname ‘Drama’. He exhibit his emotions easily and draw a soft vulnerable character. In contrast to powerfull self sufficient male portrait, Drama is a guy that living with his little brother (10 years older than Vincent) and use his brothers moneys for living. In relations with woman, Drama is also far far away from the typical masculine stereotype whichs is hide in women’s dreams. Females find him as weird, loser looking, find his jokes stupid however he never accept or believe this statements. He thought he is a complete playboy however just in theory, the truth is his little brother Vince is always on spot for girls. Moreover Drama’s failures is continuing in his job on the series. He never achieved his main and important role dream at the screen and always he is the third or the fourth choices of the people.This is also a contradictory fact because dominant masculine figures have successful business lives or carriers as image for strong man.


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