Is Gender Trouble?

As I have shown above, everyone wants to be opposite gender because gender is constructed by our behaviours,feelings and role-playing .If someone feels or behaves like a woman or man , it is possible to choose their gender. According to Judith Butler your behaviours  create your gender which is biologically suitable for human race. Moreover Butler adds her notes ”Acting and role-playing is crucial to create your gender.” In this situation the word of performativity is playing a huge role of constructing since we act as being of a man or woman what we feel.

To illustrate Judith Butler’s opinion here is an example from Tokyo. There are many men who are looking like a woman . to exemplify, they are making up and wearing sexy feminine clothes. Beside this, the key point is that while watching this new, we can understand yes they are women because of their behaviours. Also they are happy and pleasure of their appearances because they want to look different way. Additionally, nobody weirs out them because it is normal to find their feminine sides. Everyone can want to find or discover their opposite gender.In conclusion it is clearly seen from the news, if someone performs like a man or woman ,both  he and she can impose their gender for the society and yourself. However,the way of performative can be change from the culture to culture because there are big differences the perception of (accepting or rejection)gender according to cultures.


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