To live the way you feel

Gender-ConfusionPeople are born with a certain ‘sex’, which means they are either a boy or a girl. This is all determined physically, all that matters is what genital organ you have.. And there is ‘gender’, which is a characteristic not certain at birth. It is how you feel, how you act and how you live or actually if you are brave enough, that’s the way. While sex has categories of male and female, gender has the categories of masculine and feminine. Here comes ‘performativity’. It is how you feel, act and live regardless of your sex. As structured by society; man should perform masculine and woman should perform feminine, this is seen as the normal way. But what if a man feels like a male body is the wrong body for him or if a woman feels like female body is wrong for her; the man feels himself more like a woman, wants to live that way, and the same for the woman. Then they should perform the opposite of the norms. However; this is not that easy to do within this society which is so mean and judgmental. Butler says it is not their fault that they feel different from the normal people, and then what is normal how is it created, who created it, and why this way, comes to that it was not a fault after all, it is their normal and they look to ‘normal’ people like they are abnormal . There are many arguments about this and these people. Should they be treated, is this an illness, or should this be seen normal too, should they be accepted the way they are..?

I have an idea to make all these arguments end, also free people, make them live the way they feel without being stressed by the society. Regardless of sex, gender is biological and it is all about hormones, if female hormones are more than it should have been in a man then he highly tends to feel like a female, want to live like one. If male hormones are more than it should have been in a woman then same thing occurs.. So, I say that, by the time the hormones are started to regulate, doctors should take a look at the babies hormones and decide which ‘gender’ it is, then if the body is wrong for that gender, they should do the operation of sex change. Problem solved ! Gender should matter, not sex and norms should be thought again if we want o end the arguments and live freely.


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