Sex versus Gender

First of all ı would like to explain the difference between sex and gender. sex is physical and anatomical characteristics considered to distinguish between male and female bodies. on the other hand Gender is not a natural fact but rather a complex social, historical and cultural product.Gender and gender relations order social life and social institutions in fundamental ways.Gender relations and constructs of masculinity and femininity are based men’s superiority and social and political-economic dominance over women. Shortly it is the way men in a reticular society are expected to behave, think and feel. In this point we came to the term what Judith Butler explains gender is acting and feeling who you are. Because of the gender and sex thoughts the people try to express their selfs with clothes and behaviours and the others who couldn’t find a correct definition for his or her self try to broke this shell with changing completely such as Rüzgar Erkoçlar.Rüzgar, an actor, made a gender change surgery in 2013 and it became on the biggest shocking news in social medias such as twitter and Facebook. Rüzgar knows that this operation makes his life harder but people couldn’t accept this situation and made his life even much more harder, he couldn’t find a job, even hardly walk on the street. But he knows when he was 5 year old female body is not for him.


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