What if Robin Thicke use men instead of women…


Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke was one of the most controversial songs of 2013. However, the video clip was even more controversial. Robin Thicke chose to be in front of the camera with Emily Ratajkowski and two other models. As a result of this, video clip turned out to be a copy of other pop music video clips, which basically contains female bodies as sex objects. But why did he used nude models in his video clip? Maybe it is because he wanted make a controversial video, so that everyone would talk about it, or maybe he thought that men would be inclined to watch that video more. We won’t be able to learn this, but we can say that women in that video clearly reflect the gender roles society had given to them (not only those models but also all women). These roles dictate that women should be sexually appealing and also they should be sexually explicit. They need men, because they are weak and they aren’t very intelligent. In different parts of the video clip, these features can be seen. Judith Butler claims that these perceptions are the reality sometimes. These words may sound bizarre given the fact that Butler is an ardent feminist, but her claim isn’t as simple as it seems. She believes that people perform their gender. In the video clip, women are performing their “roles”, which is mainly to be sexually appealing. This role is given to every woman when they are young. Society shape women, so that they perform their roles.

Here comes the question. What would happen if these models were male? According to the general perception of gender roles, this isn’t acceptable. Half-naked men dancing around and hugging Robin Thicke would be inappropriate for society. That is because society doesn’t accept that gender can be performed. According to Butler, any man can act like any woman and vice versa. However, this would be against gender norms. In today’s world, half-naked men who dance around a male singer in a music video would be a part of a parody at most. In her articles and books, Butler wanted to illustrate that homosexuals or transsexuals aren’t extraordinary. Even though a part of society mock them for trying to be the “other one”, they aren’t different than those people who make fun of them, because both groups perform their genders.

As a conclusion, we don’t know the exact reason why Robin Thicke used those beautiful models, but we know that these models are sexually attractive. However, if these models were male, society wouldn’t accept it, because its women’s role to dance half-naked along with a male artist. Butler is against these norms, but society isn’t ready to accept her views.


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