Azis – Shakes the foundations of our gender perceptions

Azis is a Bulgarian singer of Romani descent. I will call Azis “he” because of the lack of subjective words in English language. He is known for his homosexuality controversies. As you can see in the video, he has a man’s body with a lot of feminine supplements. He has blonde beard and short pinkish hair, also wears exaggerated jewellers. His dance style is very familiar to us: it is like Rihanna or Shakira dancing with emphasis on their breasts and thigh. He wears shiny pink lipstick as well as sparkly womanish clothes. Around him, a room of masculine men is sitting, apparently enjoying the view of Azis dancing. We are actually used to see that scene, a girl is dancing and men around her lust after her. In this video, Azis used that cliché to give a shock to the prude audience. He feels very free to show his real identity. Apparently, he feels that he does not belong to any “men” or “women” society, he is more independent than most of us. When people meet someone, the first impression comes from their gender. Reading and knowing their gender determines the way we behave to them. In this case, Azis also breaks the taboos and makes is nearly impossible to read the gender and makes us think that “Should gender play a great role in the way we behave to?” If Judith Butler saw this video, she would probably say “Those brave people have found their way in performing their true gender.”


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