What is this a commercial of ?

natural-hygiene-diet-sexyHere is another commercial, you see the picture and questions marks appear in your brain at a glance.. What is this a commercial of ? Try to guess now, what comes to your mind ? A fruit commercial, a fruit juice commercial, a perfume commercial, a sunblock cream commercial with fruit flavor, a deodorant with fruit flavor, a condom commercial with fruit flavor (that was my first opinion by the way), a fruit-diet commercial… You can increase the possibilities easily. This photo was taken for a commercial but wasn’t used, it was replaced with another picture having the same content with less fruit and more of the object which was being advertised. Now let me say what it is for, this a picture taken to be used in a fruit flavored body lotion. Does it make sense? There is no shampoo in the picture, only fruits and a gorgeous naked women. The picture doesn’t relate to the product at all because it don’t show it, I think it was supposed to at least show the product somewhere in the picture. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t used.. This products commercials are related to what Susan Bordo is claiming; that using ‘hunger’ and sexuality together, are not for only food commercials. These ads are generally for women so they use an ideal women figure to attract women’s attention by making them feel jealous, without noticing they feel like they are going to be like that women if they use that product which is impossible, but it creates the first motive to go and buy the product. Also the fruits which are delicious and makes peoples mouthes juicy, it’s effect is that, it makes you want those fruit at that moment but that fruit is related to the product so without noticing actually you end up wanting to get the product which made you feel like that. Also these very good looking fruits give a thought of that the product is natural and healthy despite that fruits are never being used in that product.


Another example;Palmolive

As Bordo would agree, ‘hunger as ideology’ is used in these kinds of commercials. Ideal body of a women again attacks women who don’t look like that and creates attitudes in many ways. Also the usage of naked women definitely has been a sign of gender inequality.


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