Thirsty For Beer – Australian Beer Commercial

This advertisement for beer where an average man is drinking beer can be considered harmful as according to Susan Bordo’s critique. The concept of the ad is a man sitting alone on the beach who has a cooler and some beers in it. The man starts to drink the beers and each time he opens a new beer, we hear a woman whispering the word “thirsty”. As the word “thirsty” means “looking for sexual intercourse” in street language, name of the beer itself is a metaphor for female sexual desire. At the last beer he opens, an ideal type of beautiful woman with big breasts and a big waist comes out of the ocean and slowly walks toward the man who looks completely shocked and speechless. Woman takes his hat and wears it while taking his beer, that she drinks like she hasn’t had anything to drink for days and spills it all over her breasts and leans over him. The ad finishes by saying “Never Hungry, Always Thirsty” with a deep sexy female voice. According to Susan Bordo, this ad could be seen as harmful because women are objectified for sex and they can never be hungry but always thirsty (which has subliminal messages).

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