Girls want moreö so they eat less!

As Susan Bordo indicates in her article titled “Hunger as Ideology”, women are continually bombarded with advertisements and commercials for weight-loss products and programs. Such advertisements inject the idea that ideal female body should be slim, with long legs and flat stomach, and additionally should be healthy. An ad that could be an example for weight-loss program is the one of Kellog’s Special K. It offers you the joy of happiness when by helping you to drop up a jeans size just in two weeks, by eating a bowl of corn flakes twice a day for two weeks, or, suiting your bikini from the previous summer. Even though the commercial always emphasizes that eating Special K twice a day will correspond the nutritional value needed for survival, I do not contribute with that idea. Indeed, the ad manipulates that females can nourish healthily and lose weight for a short time, but actually by striving and giving up on their health. Women of every age group are affected with those ads because they believe into what the product is offering-a perfect body for a short time, and additionally by eating delicious bowl of corn flakes. One more important point could be that, women who try the program and get successful result, would extend the time of the diet and place their health to the risk; because the slogan of the product itself motivates females to do and get more: “For girls who want more”.54469 SpK Clusters 6sht.indd

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