Eating For Pleasure

In this Biscolata chocolate cookie ad sexy, half dressed male models are used. They are making the Biscolata chocolate cookies themselves. They are collecting the cacao from the trees, washing the cacaos under the waterfall, carrying the cacaos to the home-like factory and most importantly cooking the cookies in the kitchen just like a women as if to say “honey I’ll do your work, you just sit back and enjoy”. The setting is also very important. These entire actions takes place in an island where everything is pure and natural, just like women would enjoy. This ad obviously addresses the women and tries to touch their soul by using their fantasies. The Biscolata advertisement uses the hunger of women as a metaphor for their sexual appetite. Compared to the food advertisement for man, food advertisements for women is not about feeding and filling your stomach. It is more about temptation, desire and sexuality because it is frowned upon for women to eat like a man or even to get hungry like a man. The way Biscolata man cooks and pure the chocolate on the cookies is more like foreplay rather than simply cooking to cure their hunger. The setting, the plot in the ad looks natural however nothing in this ad is natural. This is a trick for women to change what they believe to be natural and normal. After watching ads like these over and over again women unconsciously start to believe that they shouldn’t have an appetite like man but rather eat in small portions to satisfy themselves or to eat to have small pleasures. Food is much more than a nutritive activity but rather a surreptitious act for women.


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