Handbag Burger Anyone?

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

Moschino’s 2014 fall collection, the designer Jeremy Scott used fast food and cartoon characters as the theme of his show which staged at Milan Fashion Week. He particularly used McDonalds as his muse for this show. McDonalds is one of the major fast food companies in the world and it is of course a taboo food as Bordo would agree. It is one of the forbidden foods which prevent women to have the “ideal” figure which Bordo discusses in her article. From the improvement of the fashion industry by the 80s the “ideal” figure of a woman changed. As Susan Bordo discussed in her article before the 80s, the ideal type of woman was buxom woman but nowadays women are preferred as skinny as they could be. The reason for this change is the “size zero” fact which emerged by models who are in high fashion industry. In this Moschino’s fashion show size zero models dressed up as McDonalds cashiers who serves McDonalds handbag as hamburgers and also there are models who are dressed up as a Hershey’s chocolate bars. This shows an irony. The show forms a sympathy on those taboo foods by putting a playful, fun runway show but in reality, none of those models are able to eat these taboo foods to stay in shape. In other words, even if a Hershey’s bar or a burger would bring the idea of hunger in to viewers’ minds, a woman should stay hungry to get the ideal type of body such as the model who wears the dress. In addition, Susan Bordo might agree that this runway show reinforces the stereotypes of a woman’s body that made by social media.

For more information: http://www.instyle.co.uk/fashion/news/moschino-makes-a-statement-with-mcdonalds-inspired-collection



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