Showing sexual objects are acceptable for you?


Susan Bordo claims that in many commercials generally both men and women are using as an object of sex to atract people . As a result of this. these kinds of advertisements appeal to people’s dreams,fantasies,senses and obsessions which I totally agree with Susan Bordo in this perception. Especially woman has been using as a object of sexuality because it shows us that while they are eating faty food , they are fit and slim.Therefore, these commercials address both kind of gender. Of course the style of advertisements can be changed from culture,religion and tradition.Especially in the Turkey , in many commercials women’s attraction ha been using more lower than other countries because of religion of muslim.To exemplify as an object of women for attracting people here is a video of food advertisement.In this video we can see that the woman is very sexy and desirable . She tempt men to have sex because she is nude and her position is lied. Therefore it gives a message to men if you take this product you can have this kind of sexy woman.As a result of this. in my opinion these kinds of commercials are not suitable to be ethic because many companies should  exhibit their products according to its nutrition,productivity,qualities and benefits rather than showing sexual object.


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