Purest Consumption to the Guilt


For many years now, there is a stereotype for how a woman’s body should be like. The ideal body type for a woman that occurred by the evolution of fashion industry is being skinny and also having the curves for a sexier body. In order to have the ideal body, a woman must eat just enough amount to survive. Also, the food that she needs to consume has to be healthy food which means that no taboo food. In Susan Bordo’s article “Hunger as İdeology”, she gives examples of healthy food advertisements which motivates women to be skinny. Furthermore, these advertisements portrays a figure of women that forces young girls to be one of these women (like the FibreThin commercial that Bordo gives as an example in her article). This kind of commercials (healthy and diet food commercials) oppose to taboo foods. My example for this kind of a commercial is “Skinny Water” ad. This ad really pushes the limit of the theorem of diet. Water is seems to be the purest consumption in the world and yet still they manage to make a diet water. Also in this ad, it focuses on the fact of guilt by telling “…0 guilt” which means that if you drink this water you would never feel any regrets afterwards. This guilt is a major issue because most of the time when a woman eats a taboo food, she immediately feels regret of her actions. For an ad like this Bordo might say that it reinforces the stereotype of an ideal woman body by using the most harmless thing in world which is “water”.


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