Best Way to Make Connections ( PLEASE WATCH! )

The idea of being gay was the norm and straight people were in the minority is totally awesome. I think that this short film gives definitely lots of opportunities for people who cannot actually imagine what kind of problems (or difficulties) people struggle with, who are in different life situation. Obviously every single details are thought to express this social problem with which lots of people deal almost every single day. I am sure that choose of that little girl for this film increases rapidly the effectiveness of film because the use is not for compassion. Actually it is reality. Lots of little kids or teens experience all these especially at those ages. I hope that reverse psychology works in this case. Maybe it is hard to put yourself in a person whose rights doesn’t conform with your norms and make empathy. However, This is exactly simpler than there other situation. I wish I could answer the question why is this happening and who is responsible for this. Why can a youthful life can end because it doesn’t fit into major norms? It is absolutely one of top problems which Judith Butler is seeking. I am happy to see that in these days, lots of people can express themselves socially and physically more freely than ever. I can see the socially developing minds day by day. However, as humanity were are just at initial point of the road.


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