Tasty Burger with a Sexy Flavor

Even though if you ate an entire cow before seeing this commercial, you know that your salivary glands started working outrageously after watching a few seconds. Why would food companies make advertisements of their product like that? Obviously to attract the costumer’s attention. Now, you can probably guess that this commercial is not targeting fragile women who are struggling hard to fit in their bikini, but men with huge appetite that they can never satisfy. So what is the point of using a sexy swimming model in a beach where COD Fish Sandwich is not probably even delivered? As Susan Bordo states in her essay “Hunger as Ideology”, the consumption of food is often related to the sexual intercourse. If you are feeling extremely hungry, you cannot think of anything else before you take the delicious first bite and the second bite… until you feel that your stomach is out of space for the second round of dessert. Right after that moment, the food you just consumed do not interest you, and your brain is not being stimulated with the tasteful aromas anymore. Sexual intercourse is very similar to the hunger in the context of psychological and physiological effects. If one feels an sudden sexual urge, he/she cannot stop thinking until satisfaction is granted. But right after the activity, no one feels the same extreme urge they feel seconds ago. Brain is shut down for such stimuli for hours until the body  feels hungry again. Another thing that Bordo mentions in her essay is that free expression of women’s sexuality  and hunger is a taboo in today’s society. She compares the advertisements that treat women hunger as something escapade to the other advertisements that oppositely show men hunger as insatiate and something to be proud of. This approach can also be observed in this commercial. The main target of this burger commercial is men with 2 bodily desires: food and sex. In this commercial it is obvious that woman’s sexual relationship with food is emphasized. She is posing in various sexy positions while holding the mouth watering fish burger. Curves of her body and texture of her skin are highlighted. At some point, she even takes of the top of her bikini to trap men in their public nudity fantasies. Overall the subtle relationship between hunger and sexual desire is cunningly used by advertiser in this commercial. Although we are in the 21st century, commercials that use sexual discrimination as a moving factor seem like they are going to be in trend for a little more.


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