The media  has a powerful role about making and presenting advertisements . Especially in many of them women and their ” ideal body” have a significant impact on men perception. It is easy to understand that why women take part in advertisements because their body image can convey messages which are sexual things to opposite sex. Generally using sexual messages are preffered in food advertisements. Food has a strong connection to body because it is the main element in deciding someone’s body wieght.However the perception of connection between food and body is quite harmful because media use foods as a sex object or as a meaning of achieving gorgeous skinny body. So the meaning of achieving fabulous body is to be a candidate of men test . You can eat but not so much and you have to be seductive . And generally food companies have choose women to perfom attractively in their advertisements for their audience of men.There is no doubt that the co-operation between women and their ideal body sell the production instead of production’s taste and its appearence .Now I want to criticies one of food add as you can watch above, There is a presentation of  production of hamburger by the firms of Hardee’s and Carl’s JR. Both these firms are an American restaurant chain and their profit is getting higher from past to recent and for me their production advertisements have a monumental part on being the fifth largest fast food restaurant. Of course they use women body as a sex object on their advertisements. Now  I want to give some main points which take place on the video above. Firstly we can see the women who prefer to wear half naked and the camera zooms in their breast to bottoms .Do you realize that they are thin and they have a skinny body.! It must be a food add but unfortunately we see women body more than hamburgers. In the second step women are being a rival of each other to win the competition of how to influence men more than each other. And they began to prepare hamburgers and ingredients sometimes they lick some of ingredients from their body. Isn’t it  occurs a negative image? Finaly they prepare hamburgers and they have hamburgers eaten by one an other. And the add finishes with a slogan ”EAT LIKE YOU MEAN IT” means that eat hamburger in place of sexual organs. For not only these kinds of adds  but also this slogan have to be forbidden !  And Finally as Susan Bardo says that the degree to which actual women were able to enact any part of these idealized and idolized constructions was highly variable; but all women felt their effects as the normalizing measuring rods against which their own adequacy was judged.(114)


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