Is it just a jar?

In the year 2011, for the Sports Illustrated Bikini issue, the hot sauce brand Tabasco commissioned this add. It is an advertisement about hot sauce, to promote the add in the bikini issue, they preferred a sexual way. Even though the visual image used in the add is not sexual, the text below “Gallon jugs available at” makes us think the two jars as woman breasts. The word “jug” means a big jar, a big bottle in english language and in the slang language it is used as “breasts”.

In this advertisement, we can clearly see on of the common troops that Susan Bordo mentioned in her article, “Hunger As Ideology”, using woman body parts to attract male audience, in this particular example, even though there is no specific usage of real woman body parts, the two jugs are placed like they are red bikini’s on a woman’s breasts and it gives us an idea of “hot” in a sexual way. Image


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