Food For Seduction

In today’s world, like many food companies, Doritos uses the relation between food and sexuality. In this ad, the woman with lingerie wants to have sexy time with her boyfriend, tries to get his attention by cuddling. However the man is too busy with eating his Doritos and watching the football match, hardly aware of her existence. Then she realizes that her sexy lingerie and foreplay cannot put him in the mood, she steals the Doritos and waits for him with a pool of Doritos. When he comes into the bedroom, he sees her surrounded by Doritos. It is the time when he realizes that she is actually very attractive. She is not enough to seduce him by herself but she uses Doritos to charm him. Using Doritos to captivate him emphasizes the Susan Bordo’s concept of ‘Hunger as Ideology’. Her usage of food for sexuality is acceptable in today’s world’s tropes, however, eating them is inappropriate, according to Susan Bordo’s article. So we see that she just takes a little bite of Doritos to look even more sexier. The following scene does not need an explanation: he just dives into a pool of Doritos with a naked girl inside.  The association between eating and sexual activities leads us to think that one is complementary to the other. You can experience the joy of one just by having the other. However, in this commercial, they had very much attention by enabling both of them to experience at once. That is why it is the winner of 2012 among Super Bowl commercials.


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