For those of you who don’t know: Nando’s is a restaurant chain that specialises in chicken and is renowned for the special sauce advertised in the image, the Peri Peri Sauce.

My opinion is that they also specialise in advertisements that objectify women while using hunger as an ideology. The image above is an example of that. It can be seen that an example of the ideal female body is lying down, stretched up in an aesthetically sexualised way. Part of her breasts are visible (probably as much as the makers of the advertisement could get away with in a poster) but the model’s head and the face are not seen. This allows the audience to think of the model as just a body, rather than a person. Most noticeable in the entire image is the salad leaf on the model’s genitals with the advertised sauce being dripped onto it.

This advertisement has a simple way of working. It associates the primal hunger for food, with hunger for sex, and achieves this by using the female body as a simple prop. This form of advertisement exploits the desires of their very specific target audience, in this case men, by placing the model in the most ambiguous and sexually explicit position possible. In this way, the advertisement appeals to the imagination of the audience by playing on one of their most basic desires. To explain further, if the potential customer finds the advert pleasant and exciting, then the effect of the image is emphasised. Adversely, if the audience is repulsed by the female exploitation, then the advert is similarly negative on them. To conclude this point, the advert limits the scope of its audience, to focus on their primary target with a greater emphasis, and the ideal of securing a solid customer base within this section of their audience.

So essentially, this advertisement from Nando’s displays hunger almost synonymously with sex to kindle the audience’s imaginations, creating a better advertisement than they possibly could with any other image. The model is exploited in such a way that she is depicted as a sexual object, rather than a human being, similar to how Susan Bordo describes food to be constructed as a sexual object of desire. It could be claimed with this image that Nando’s have perfected this concept, if only to establish a more solid base in an ever changing market.


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