Human as Sex Objects

In advertisement sector, there is a generic strategy which use women as sex objects to get consumers attention especially in food commercials. Some of them could be really sexist and humiliating for human being.  Actually the general theme that they use is very natural concepts because they try to reach consumers in a way which includes instincts belonging to humanity. However, I personally think that using women as an marketing instrument is not ethical at all. In this commercial, we see that a guy slept with some girls after a night. When he realized each of them and empty burn bottles in the morning while picking up his clothes,  his self confidence obviously increased one  by one. So, it shows us that food product is used to reach a success which is exactly getting laid and it indicates that women are inferior to the man in this commercial. Considering all women in the advertisement are slim, tall and have beauty. This causes human who see this advertisement, an idea women should have ideal body like Bordo mentioned. Finally, this leads inferiority complex.


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