The F Word

119203342_orig                 feminism__not__by_poasterchild-d6q8ata

Some says that feminism is now out of fashion or uncool. However I believe that the stereotypes associated with the word feminism turned it into this. Even I, at first think of hairy, squalid, lesbians women who are frustrated at men and who are trying to get revenge call themselves feminist. This is of course not the case. Feminism means gender equality and men can also be feminists. In todays society it might look like we have achieved this gender equality. We have female presidents; women are no longer just housewives but an active part of the work force. Unfortunately it is still not enough. The strong women images we see are merely an illusion that prohibits us from seeing the truth: men and women are still not equal. Yes it is true that women are now part of the work force but they are getting paid less than men in same position. Women are now more included in the social life however, they are not as free as men to do what they want to do because other wise they are looked down upon. We can see these inequalities in every aspect of our lives. Our cultures are playing a big role in this too. Especially in the Turkish culture women are valued less than men, women should know their place and listen to their fathers, brothers or husbands. This is one of the factors that create the problem of people seeing feminism as a way to get back at men. We should not forget that while trying to achieve gender equality in the society, men’s rights shouldn’t be violated. Feminism is not men-hatred or a fight against men.


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