Probably there wouldn’t be any socially active person who didn’t hear about Beyoncé and who she is. Actually she deserves being known by everyone that much because of the success she got and I call her the greatest diva all the time in R&B. Yes, we got used to hear news about celebrities who join in some socially important projects. However, the woman rights and their equality is one of important issues that all humanity should pay attention especially in the century we lived. One of powerful women on the world, our Queen B, wrote a powerful essay for The Shriver Report. She defends all the time that this equality has not reached yet the reality and humanity must stop limiting the personal expressions of women since the day of their birth. She stands for that men always create obstacles for opportunities offered to women. And it’s known that she always describes herself “modern-day feminist” Even though there some contrast ideas about this essay which argue the sincerity of Bey like the article from Forbes, I cannot know the truth but carrying about this issue in a some way will be always beneficial even if there are some profits. (http://www.forbes.com/sites/worldviews/2014/01/29/is-beyonce-being-a-feminist-just-for-record-sales-2/


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