The Perception of Feminism in the Turkey



While you are walking on the street in the Turkey if you ask people the meaning of feminism, many people will answer this question like a hating from the men. Although there is a stereotype meaning of feminism, it does not mean hating from the men. It means that the belief which give opportunities for both men and women to have equal rights. Also it can be defined as a powerful woman who knows own their human rights and responsibilities. However in our society, many women do not feel like having the same rights with men. The reason is that the body of women has been using for the politic expedience without conferring with any woman. Additionally Turkish traditions have been playing a huge role to prohibit feminist movement since the ottoman empire and the relationship trough the east because of the opinion of men more powerful than women in every area such as social, education,economics and also sport. To illustrate this idea, the women workers or business that is doing the same work their male colleagues having lower salary in every part of Turkey therefore their workforce is despised in many areas. In addition to this example, at the east part of Turkey although there has been many rape occasion unfourtanetly 30% of people in our society think and find guilty the women who don’t care about their clothes (wearing revealing clothes). It is a stereotype consideration and attitude against to women. Therefore, women should know the perception of feminism and interpret correctly for their life to avoid from the misunderstandings.


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