how to replace women to sexual objects?

From past to recent the meaning of feminism is understand hating man and people began to dislike  hearing  word of feminism also when you ask them the question of Are you feminist they always reject and say OFCOURSE  NOT. But according to me People need to understand the correct meaning . Feminism defends that there are no differences between women and man in ethically, socialy and politicaly. And the Feminist Theory’s aim is to balance gender differences, and remove the concept of sexuality. According to the this definition I want to give a sample about  ”HOW TO REPLACE WOMEN TO SEXUAL OBJECTS ”.In today’s popular music we can easily understand that video clips and lyrics Show that women are defined being sexual objects. And this situation can understand by men ”okay, so verbal abuse is acceptable by women ”  hereby GENDER DIFFERENCES START in our daily life!The sample music is Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. Despite negative impacts on women gender this lyrics and video clip is youtube’s hit record. Firstly I want to assest their lyrics.What do they dreams for When you got them jeans on What do we need steam for  You the hottest in this place. This lyrics are just 2-3 sentence out of all the others So everyone understand that what is the message of this song. When I first listen this song I thought that not only the composer of this song is guilty but also director, clip models,television supreme board even the audience are guilty because after listening something the lyrics are hanging out your tongue and than you can not stop singing. The other problem is video clip elements in this video women are wearing underwear while men wear formal clothes. Isn’t it gender difference? Not only clothes point out the scenes at the same time women are playing with animals so it can be seen that If you can communicate with animals you are also too so We  (men) predominate your gender, ıt is simple!.This video is just one of them when you watch some of the clips I am sure that you can clearly notice the sexual things.


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