Feminist Fashion Lovers

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Most people think that feminism hates men. In recent years, this man-hater logic is affecting fashion. If we look at the fashion industry, according to the statistics, we can easily say that men designers are higher than women designers.


For example, most of the top womenswear designers are male (Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani, for example) as well as many of the best known fashion photographers (including Terry Richardson, Steven Meisel, Peter Lindbergh, Jeurgen Teller and Nick Knight).



Also women are employed in the fashion industry’s lowest levels. Therefore fashion industry shows that majority of the women wear what men supply industry.


‘’ Fashion in recent years does appear to be moving in a feminist direction. “It” designer of the moment Phoebe Philo has been met with acclaim at Celine offering streamlined clothing including strong jackets and wide-leg pleated pants perfect for career women’’.



Feminist fashion lovers discriminates male and women designers. However feminists are fighting for equal social, political and economic rights for women they do not want men power in fashion industry. They want to wear what they want. An example of this behavior is that feminist woman prefers to wear designs of  ‘’Celine’’ instead of ‘’Marc Jacobs’’.




For these reasons, some people think that there is need for feminist fashion magazine to empower the feminist fashion lovers By this way they can easily reach women designers clothes and accessories. They may feel best and more beautiful by existence of these feminist fashion magazines.


On the other side, increasing number of women designers can be harmful to logic of feminism, because women will start to critic other women. Here is the proof;


Ask any woman who she is getting dressed up for, and the answer will inevitably be her girlfriends 😉


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